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Antenna JRC-32 DuplEX Precision is a dual-polarized antenna, horizontal and vertical polarization with massive holder developed for microwave links.
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Parabolic antenna JRC-32 DuplEX Precision

Antenna JRC-32 DuplEX Precision is based on popular duplex antennas coming with massive holder JDMW-900 developed for microwave links.
  • JRC-32 DuplEX Precision
  • JRC-32 DuplEX-SMA Precision
  • dual-polarized antenna, horizontal and vertical polarization
  • the highest isolation! 53 dB
  • only 1 antenna instead 2 save money for mast!
  • extra high front to back ratio
  • special deep parabola for excellent parameters
  • easy to assembly: first only the holder and then the antenna only by 2 screws
  • fine setting elevation (of gradient) and azimuth ± 20°
  • right and left assembling
  • extrem wind stability
  • VSWR and isolation are measured during the manufacture of every piece
  • outdoor usage
  • you can count attainable distance from section of calculation
  • radom (plastic parabola cover) for each antenna free!
Technical parameters
Frequency range 5,45 - 5,85 GHz
Gain 32,2 ±0,6dBi
VSWR ≤ 1,5
Isolation between connectors 53dB (≥45dB)
Front to back ratio ≥ 52 dB
Beamwidth-3 dB 4,1°
Connector N - Female - JRC-32DuplEX
Polarization linear, horizontal and vertical or 45°
Parabola ø 90 cm
aluminium alloy with baking colour
Cover UV steady plastic ABS
Instalation for mast ø 40 - 120 mm
weight of antenna 10,65 kg
weight of holder 3,25 kg

We recommend mounting on the mast with minimal ø 70 mm in the areas with the expected occurrence of the strong winds.

The radiator is internally treated by high frequency technology "Hydrophobic coating" which increases resistance against humidity.


Facilities for application:

  • duplex direction link

  • 2 independent links

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Additional Information

- Summer Promo - No
Brand Jirous
Frequency 5 Ghz
Features (Beta) Wireless
Applications Outdoor