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Enclosure for apu1d, apu1d4, apu2c2, apu2c4, apu3b2, and apu3b4

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PC Engines case1d2blku ENCLOSURE FOR apu1d, apu1d4, alix2 / alix6 series

case1d2blku Enclosure 3 LAN USB black
Status active
Part numbers case1d1u = 2 LAN, 3 SMA, USB, plain anodized 
case1d1redu = 2 LAN, 3 SMA, USB, red anodized 
case1d1blku = 2 LAN, 3 SMA, USB, black anodized or painted 
case1d2u = 3 LAN, 2 SMA, USB, plain anodized 
case1d2redu = 3 LAN, 2 SMA, USB, red anodized or painted 
case1d2bluu = 3 LAN, 2 SMA, USB, blue anodized 
case1d2blku = 3 LAN, 2 SMA, USB, black anodized or painted
Use with alix2 / alix6 series (2 LAN / 3 LAN), apu1 and apu2 series boards (3 LAN) 
brk1d (wall mount bracket) 
pigsma (SMA reverse pigtail) 
pigsmaf (SMA female pigtail) 
pigsmaf (MMCX SMA reverse pigtail)
Spec Enclosure designed for ALIX.2* boards. Cutouts for 3 LEDs and 1 switch in front, cutouts for DB9, 2 or 3 LAN, 3 or 2 SMA connectors, DC jack in back. Enclosure made of anodized or painted aluminum. Dimensions 168 mm wide x 157 mm deep x 30 mm high. RoHS compliant.
Changes from case1c*
  • Countersunk screws for the top cover, prethreaded base.
  • More antenna holes
  • Optional wall mount bracket
  • Front is part of the top cover, i.e. no need to disassemble everything to change the CF card.
  • Please note that this enclosure is a bit wider and taller than case1c* to accomodate the added antenna holes.
Includes 4 screws to mount system board, 4 screws to close enclosure, 4 self-adhesive feet, 2 or 3 rubber plugs to close unused SMA holes.
Assembly notes Tools needed: Phillips screw driver, 5 mm or 3/16″ nut driver. Remove hex nuts from DB9 connector of ALIX board. Mount ALIX board in enclosure, then fasten all screws and hex nuts. CF card can be secured with Kapton tape to the CF socket, or a strip of elastic rubber (e.g. sealing strip for windows) on the inside of the top cover. For apu boards, also seeinstructions on heat spreader installation.
Customization Customer silk screen, custom paint colors etc. are possible for volume orders.
Manufacturer PC Engines
Origin China

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