This document is aimed to describe the procedure to be used to configure the 4G LTE USB Card.
Read this document before installing the key into the router.

Basic Card Configuration

The USB card must be configured into a PC before to be used with Mikrotik. This procedure is necessary because Mikrotik LTE interface parameters have no effects into the key.
First of all put the key into the USB port of your PC and access the new virtual hard disk. Launch setup and wait until setup is finished.
Most probably you will found a new icon in the desktop like this:


Most probably the browser will be opened in a local addess with the configuration web interface.

If the key is protected with pin code you have to insert it as below.

pin code

The card is provided with a operative system inside so it is configured to be a router itself.


Add a APN Profile

the Usb router key require a new APN profile to work. So use “Add New” button to add a new profile.

Here a list of common APN to be used


Wind: internet.wind








Disable PIN

Remeber to disable pin before removing from PC. This is because Mikrotik is unable to manage pin code.

pn code


Mikrotik Installation

Mikrotik USB installation is very simple because RouterOS find the key as a lte interface.
At this point you have to add a DHCP client pointed to lte interface and a correct firewall setup.

No other configurations are needed to be online.


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