200-20-BR-26 Broadband Bridge SiSo 802.11n Ant.26dBi

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200-20-BR-26 Broadband Bridge SiSo 802.11n Ant.26dBi

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200-20-BR-26 Broadband Bridge SiSo 802.11n Ant.26dBi

New Bridge Evolution!

Thanks to technical and structural improvements, the new Townet Bridge ensures greater reliability and performance.


200-20-BR is the ideal product to be used in the harshest environmental conditions, where is required maximum availability and durability.

Ethernet bridge point-to-point system with a pair of interchangeable radio devices operating in the ISM band from 5.470 to 5.725 GHz in Hiperlan standard.

Thanks to an auxiliary connector N (F) 50 ohms, it can mount a dedicated external antenna with a 35 dBm gain.

This will greatly increase the distance covered by the system, remaining in compliance with ETSI.

200-20-BR is the latest generation technology bridge using SISO (single input single output) and it is able to offer a superior performance than the classic 802.11a, offering greater throughput and reliability.

  • Metal Enclosure IP67 certified
  • Integrated 22dBi antenna
  • Price/quality ratio



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