MikroTik Sleeve30 Kit

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MikroTik Sleeve30 Kit

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 MikroTik Sleeve30 Kit

Sleeve30 Kit

The Sleeve30 kit for our mANT30 parabolic antenna will enhance point-to-point link performance by reducing noise and will also reduce impact on adjacent RF devices by removing the side radiation from the antenna.

Additional and co-channel interference creates unwanted signal attenuation that causes decrease of link quality and speed. Using Sleeve30 Kit with mANT30 gives
22dB additional selectivity for each mANT30 in a critical direction, see the picture below.

Using Sleeve30 Kits for two mANT30 devices side by side provides extra 44dB selectivity.

Such improvement allows several mANT30’s + Sleeve30’s to freely work at one place, at the same channels, without interfering with each other.

Sleeve30 Kit also reduces wind load and protects antenna reflector and feed from harsh environment, improving PtP link sustainability.

Sleeve30 shell is made of corrosion resistive, lightweight aluminum; 

front cover has excellent RF signal transparency.


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Assembled Sleeve30



Box dimensions 720x715x230mm

Weight netto 2.95 kg

Weight bruto 5.520kg

Box contents

aluminum shell, front cover,

fasteners, silicone sealant


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Weight 35.0000 kg



5 Ghz