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TW-IDU-NODE 2 New Version twidunode PoE


Townet TW-IDU Node
the revolutionary PoE smart energy station
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TW-IDU-NODE 2 New Version

introducing the smart power supply for PoE devices

Thanks to smart PoE supply every standard and not standard load such as PoE+, 802.3af & 802.2at devices, IP-Cameras, IP-Phones, PBXs, Access Point, Switches, CPEs, Routers, providing Output Voltage in case of black out. The Output supply is selectable in continous way between 24V up to 52V.


- Flexibility

Thanks to select 24 or 48V PoE Gigabit is ideal solution to supply a wide range of devices.

-  Protection

an integrated strong Lightning Protection from overvoltage and shocks.

Battery sharing

a recharger for 12V battery allow to improve a complete UPS system. One battery more PoE for recharge toghter one big battery, no SPOF technology (Single Point Of Failure).

a complete Protection:


PoE Output

Software overcurrent protection when overloaded and/or output shortcircuit occur

Battery Input

Deep Discharge Voltage Management

Data & Power Line

Lightning protection 25KA (8/20us) differential mode

DC Input

Polarity reversal protection. Overvoltage protection up to 43Vdc
tw idu node_slide4

Din Clip for Robust & Reliable installation

Din Clip located in a rear side of device permits to align more TW-IDU-NODE to the same Din Bar. The installation is fast, safe and reliable, reducing dimensions.

Embedded Microprocessor with EEPROM

Embedded microprocessor with I/O & ADC (Analog to Digital Controller) ports collects energy station data such as data log, input/output voltage, supply status, current monitor, temperature monitor etc. It is possible also without supply.


Remote Management with web interface

Device perfomance can be controlled in remote way by means OS Node operating system.

The management can be realized with PC or Tablet.

Buying or OSNode and downloading configuration is possible to activate the interface in own device.

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Additional Information

- Summer Promo - No
Brand Townet
Frequency No
Features (Beta) Ethernet ports, Gigabit, Poe Out, Usb
Applications Indoor, Din Mount, Outdoor
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