TW-RC D Remote Control with display

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TW-RC D Remote Control with display

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Card remote controlled via serial port, designed for a direct connection with a tab embedded in particular for integration into the base stations and CPE.

  • Control via serial port connector for direct connection to reverse CPE cards, or PC cable. Connection at 9600 bps, 8N1.
  • 12 inputs independent monitoring, analog or digital, with values between 0 and 5V voltage allowed.
  • 3 relay ‘directly controllable by the board, two 125v, 0.5A (92W) and a 250V, 8A (1280 W) for the direct control of equipment powered by mains voltage.
  • ICSP connector to update the firmware. The same connector provides +5 V and ground to the sensors.
  • Powered by a very wide range of voltages between 6.5 and 25 volts.
  • Two outputs with voltages of 8.7, +8.7 volts, can power operational amplifiers or sensors that require dual power supply.
  • Microprogramming card with a simple language dedicated to working
  • independently, without control software
  • Text display for TW-RC Remote Control 16×3 characters for direct reports, more manageable via the serial port

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