GCE Ecodevices RT2

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GCE Ecodevices RT2

Consumption Tracking and Eco-Devices RT2 Energy Manager. One product to supervise everything.

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GCE Ecodevices RT2

New Eco-devices RT2

Pre-sale from February 20th to March 10th 2017

Compatible with new Linky meters

Be the first to discover all functions, power and ergonomics of the Eco-Devices RT2

Pre-sale price : 199€ TTC then 249€ TTC from March 11th 2017

Products will be shipped as of march 11th according of the order date.

 Consumption tracking

Track your electricity consumption, Photovoltaic panels‘s production, water, gas, fuel simply with only one device. Control heaters, optimize hot water production, reduce energy-consuming items and save money !

Autonomous and without subscription

Ecodevices RT2 is a 100% autonomous IP power manager (no remote server or subscription). It has a powerful scenario engine for accurately managing up to 64 power stations depending on events such as rate changes, indoor or outdoor temperature, power overrun (load shedding), etc.

Simple and intuitive graphical interface

Simply use the browser on your smartphone, PC or tablet to connect to the Ecodevices RT2. Its 100% graphical interface responsive adapts to all screens.

Ip Technology and Enocean radio protocol

It’s equipped with Enocean technology and can communicate easily via internet with remote servers, home automation boxes or any device with Radio Enocean technology.

Statistics and History

Ecodevices RT2 save consumption index during 4 years. A graphic engine allows to visualize the different consumption curves. Data can be exported in .csv format.

GSM, Fil Pilote, I/O Options

Many options and extensions are already avialable and allows to extend Ecodevices RT2 capabilitys.

GSM communications, warnings and sms control, heating management by pilot wire 6 ordres, ddition of additional inputs/outputs, temperature sensors, humidity, brightness etc.

Permanent evolution

Like all our products, Ecodevices RT2 is constantly evolving. Thanks to the active participation of our user community we regularly add new functions and make corrections to improve the products according to user experience feedback.

Made in France.

Ecodevices RT2 is made in France, in Nantes (44).

Included : 2 current tores (50A and 100A).

Tehcnical charactristics:

  • 1 Teleinformation input compatible with classic Linky meters.
  • 4 Tores inputs (extendable to 16).
  • 4 Digital inputs.
  • 2 Relay outputs 250V / 10A  (Resistive). (Extendable to 10)
  • 1 RJ12 for X-GSM and x-bridge extensions.
  • 1 EBX Bus to add some extensions (X-4FP, X-8R, X-8D etc…).
  • 256 programable timers (Weekly or on specific dates).
  • 256 Customizable scenarios. Scénario engine GX©. AND, OR, NOT functions.
  • 128 TCP/IP notifications when overflow, rate modification, etc…
  • 128 Secure e-mail warnings with customizable message to 4 recipients.
  • Enocean transmitter, EEP A5-12- 00 or A5-12- 10, 16 tranmissible channels.
  • Enocean receiver (24 Actuators, 24 Switches and 24 analog sensors).
  • Automatic time setting. Summer / Winter Time Management. Internal clock.
  • DynDNS support.
  • Network : 10/100Mbits, HP Auto-MDIX, cable diagnostics, IEEE 802.3az.
  • Power supply : 90-265 Vac, 47-63 Hz
  • 3.5 Watts consumption.
  • CE


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