Outdoor Ethernet cable FTP cat.5e 250mt

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Double PVC jacket Ethernet cable Cat.5e FTP for Outdoor

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Outdoor installations in harsh environments, Digital distribution

frames in transmission stations, Fixed or portable installations,

Outdoor installations

General Construction

Custom made cable designed specially for wireless systems, meeting the requirements of Cat. 5e per ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2 and IEC 61156-5. The cable contains 4 twisted pairs, cabled, foiltape shielded and jacketed with two special black UV resistant, flame retardant PVC compounds for direct outdoor use in harsh electrical environments. The diameter of the inner core complies with RJ45 connecting hardware allowing direct connection to equipment without patch cords.

Outer Jacket Material: UV resistant FR-PVC

Outer Diameter: 7.9 mm nom.

Weight: 68.0 kg/km


Design & Materials

Detailed Construction:

Cat. 5e Horizontal Cables*

Conductor Material:Annealed Bare Copper

Conductor Size: 24 AWG

Conductor Size: 0.52 mm

Insulation Material: Solid PO

Insulation O.D.: 1.07 mm nom.

Color Code: Per TIA/EIA 568-B

Overall Shield Design: 100% Coverage

Overall Shield Material: Aluminum/Polyester Foil

Overall Foil Shield: Yes

Overall Drain-wire Material: Annealed Tinned Copper

Overall Drain-wire size: 26 AWG

Overall Drain-wire Construction: Stranded

Inner Jacket Material: UV resistant FR-PVC

Inner Jacket Diameter nom.: 6.1 mm nom

Inner Jacket Color: Black

Total number of conductors: 8

Outer Jacket Color: Black


Frequency Range: 1 – 100 MHz

Impedance: 100 Ω

Max. DC Resistance : 92 Ω/km@20°C

Max. Resistance Unbalance: 2 %

Capacitance: 52 pF/m

Capacitance Unbalance: 1.4 pF/m max.

Velocity of Propagation: 68 % nom.

Propagation Delay Skew: 35 ns/100m max.

Dielectric Strength: 700 V/minute

Dielectric Strength to Shield: 700 V/minute

Min. Insulation Resistance : 5 GΩ•km

Tensile Strength – Short Term: 100 N max.

Min. Bend Radius: 70 mm

Max. Pulling Tension: 12 kgF

Max. Operating Temperature: +75 °C

Min. Operating Temperature: -40 °C

UV Resistance: Yes



Applicable Standards: IEC 61156, TIA/EIA-568, RoHS-2 2015/863/EU , RoHS-2 2011/65/EU

Flammability Rating: IEC 60332-1, UL 1581 VW-1, UL 444


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